Meet The Milliner

Hi Hat Lovers,

Thank you so much for choosing to support my small business. It all started during my first trip to The Philippines. My parents took me aside and shared their dream for me. It was not to become a doctor or a lawyer, but to start a business to help the community - our community. This was the moment everything clicked, and I felt a sense of pride and purpose. 

The Philippines has a rich culture and history, but it is often overlooked in Western societies, especially when it comes to art and fashion. I have made it my mission to merge my passion to help artisans in my parents' hometowns, while establishing a studio here in NYC. 

After the passing of my dad from Covid, I officially launched my brand in August 2020 as a tribute to him and a nod to my heritage. Binata is a Filipino word that signifies a free spirit. I love creating hats for those that aren't afraid to stand out and be completely themselves. 

I studied millinery at The Fashion Institute of Technology and currently make all your hats in Queens, NY. I am excited for what the future holds, and I look forward to turning your daily outfits into head turners.

xx Ro

Rowell Concepcion is a professional member
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