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Millinery Musings

  • A Timeline Of Top Hats

    The first sightings of a man wearing a “terrifying” top hat had women fainting, dogs barking, and a fine issued to the offender.

    An iconic piece of headwear, the top hat conjures up images of a respectable, well-to-do man of industry from the Victorian era. A tall and cylindrical hat that is often crafted from silk and mounted on a felt base, its dignified design denotes wealth, prestige, and sophistication. Its humble beginnings, however, could not be further from this common perspective.

  • The Mad Hatter: Is There Poison in Your Hat?

    Mercury was used in the process of felting and that made hatters go mad. The use of mercury was banned in the 1940’s, but it is always a good idea to test vintage hats and garbs. Stay safe out there hat lovers!

  • A Brief History of the Most Popular Hats during the Roaring 20’s

    Major changes from The Women’s Suffrage Movement to The Jazz Age influenced fashion to alter with the times. 1920’s fashion was inspired by movement, assertion, and liberation from the past. With a "less is more" focus, the cloche, turban, beret, sailor, and toque hats grew to be popular styles during the Roaring 20’s.

    Image: Everett Collection/